"You don’t eat an Oreo. You hack it."

- anonymous

22 hours ago

comOn Labs - open for business

6 days ago

Employee Engagement - there’s an app for that

6 days ago

Wtf?! Foursquare church? I was afraid to checkin ;)

6 months ago

Help internet-driven economic growth transform the lives of millions. http://startupmanifesto.eu/ #startupmanifesto

6 months ago

""When you’re finished changing, you’re finished." -Ben Franklin"

7 months ago

Social TV - o que é, e porque importa?

9 months ago

The End Of Advertising As We Know It—And What To Do Now

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“How are we supposed to judge a creative idea versus a product idea?

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9 months ago

Marketing takes over IT, sales takes over marketing

Good news? Or bad news?

11 months ago

Raspberry Pi Media Center up and running, what a geeky sunday.

1 year ago

Ode à Tecnologia Invisível

«Não é a tecnologia estúpidos! É o que conseguem fazer com ela!»

1 year ago

Here's why we need big data - Predictive Analytics

1 year ago

Eu cromOn me confesso…

1 year ago 1 note

O futebol serve de analogia para tanta coisa

Attribution Model (no marketing digital) explicado segundo as regras do Paulo Bento.

1 year ago

Um contador para o número de dias que o governo se vai aguentar

1 year ago